Choir/Strings/Musical Updates Nov 26-30

Choir/Strings/Musical Updates Nov 26-30

Hello all, welcome to last week of November – can you believe it?

With that in mind please be mindful of PRACTICING every week and ensuring you don’t miss any rehearsals. There were a lot of absences and lates last week – make sure if you are sick you communicate with myself and Mr. Davis so you are excused. Please do not schedule appointments during rehearsal time, we are learning a lot of new music before the Winter Concert and EVERY rehearsal counts. A reminder that Choir and Strings are performing on December 18 and  Vocal Jazz is performing on December 19. Our Musical Theatre dress rehearsal for Sunday Morning Fever is December 10th call time at 12:30 and rehearsal from 1-3:00 (Pro-D Day) and our performance is December 12 at the Evening of Theatre with our Drama Department in the Reynolds Theatre.

Quick reminder that we are getting Yearbook photos this year for all of our ensembles! Strings will need to wear their uniform of ALL BLACK (Dress pants, shirt, sweater, dress or skirt -with black tights or leggings and black shoes and socks) on Thursday at lunch in the Strings/Choir Annex – please dress professionally and don’t forget your instrument. No uniform = no picture in the yearbook. Choir/VJ will get their photos done on Concert Nights in December.

Any extra Junior Trip forms and Deposits floating around, please turn them in to myself or Mr. Davis as soon as possible so we have an idea of numbers for the trip this year. If you lost your form there are extras in the choir room – this is open to CHOIR and BAND students!

Tis the Season for getting sick, so make sure you are getting enough sleep, drinking a lot of water and taking care of yourself!

Updates for the week:


Reynolds Music Wear Orders are due! Get your orders into the blue box in the band room or hand them to myself or Mr. Davis.

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz – Please have all your music learned and ready to go for Winter Wonderland and Masquerade. I am putting up the sound system this week so all your parts need to be learned and solid.

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre – see the FB page for details, but we will be doing photos and choreography all day:) Thanks for the great run through last Thursday, it’s really coming together! All of Sunday Morning Fever dialogue and song lyrics must be memorized – do your part and PRACTICE!


7:15-8:20 Junior Choir – please be to rehearsal on time and ready to sing! We will be learning new sections of our new music, so please review what we did last week!

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz – We will be working on Light in the Hallway with all Senior VJ Students, please look at this piece before we rehearse.

3:25-4:45 Senior Choir – looking at second half of Ecce Novum and the ending of Christmas Can Can.


7:15-8:20 Strings – Please be on time and ready to play – we will be running through all of our music for the Winter Concert

2:00-3:00 Junior Choir – Early dismissal day, note the adjusted rehearsal time. We will be working on new music, make sure you are on time and not missing any rehearsals


7:15-8:20 Senior Choir – working on Winter Concert Music be on time and ready to sing! A lot of LATE people last week – please make sure you are on time:)

11:17-12:12 Strings yearbook photo IN UNIFORM of ALL BLACK with your instrument. We will not have rehearsal after wards so you will have time to change before and afterwards and eat your lunch.

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre – working on new music, see FB page for details and get to bringing in your Silent Auction Items!


1:10-3:00 Musical Crew, we need all hands on deck to work on props and painting for the December showcase. Crew members are also responsible for bringing in one item of value for the Silent Auction in January. Please see me if you need the letter to take to businesses or family or friends. Thanks for your patience over the last two weeks, we have lots to do!

1-6:00pm Poinsettia pick up – if you ordered ’em, come and pick ’em up:) Well done to everyone that sold Poinsettia’s, it was a very successful fundraiser this year!

Looking forward to another great week of rehearsals, take care of yourselves and one another!

Ms. Kerr