Choir/Strings/Musical Updates Week of Oct 22

Hi Folks,

Sorry I am a few days late, it was a long and tiring week for me over at BCMEA with the Honour Vocal Jazz. We will be getting right back into the swing of things this week. All rehearsal schedules are the same time and place for this week. 

Choir students, please be using the practice tracks under Ms. Kerr’s music tracks to help you with at home practicing- only a few weeks left until we are singing at the Remembrance Day Assembly and about a month left until our trip to Comox. Room sign ups will begin this week, so make sure you are to class on time to secure a spot. Everyone should have their $50 deposit in indicating their attendance on this trip. However, I reserve the right to not take a student on the trip if they have been missing rehearsals or are coming in late-so do not miss any rehearsals and please communicate any absences due to illness. If you are missing rehearsal because you are switching between dance or jazz band then you MUST do additional at home practice.

Wednesday, Oct 24 Early Dismissal – Junior Choir will still rehearse from 1:55-3:00 tomorrow in the Choir room

Strings Playing Test for Term 1 is due next week Monday, Oct 29. Here are the requirements-please submit a recording or make an appointment with me this week. Everyone must play Study in Thirds on pg. 19 in A Scale In Time Book and Dia De Los Muertos m. 15-30.

ThursdayMusical Theatre practice after school, Nun Ensemble working on Choreo with Kanika. John, Levi, Alvar and Conner working on Find My Baby with me learning vocals and doing character work. Everyone needs to practice their vocals from Monday on Sunday Morning Fever- you can find a recording on YouTube to practice.

Friday- Halloween Movie Night– come and join us for some spooky fun! Open to all music students- please come hang out and wear a costume!

Thank you all for your hard work last week while I was away- so excited to get back to work with all of you!

Ms. Kerr