Choir/Strings/VJ Updates for April 19-23

Choir/Strings/VJ Updates for April 19-23

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone for a good last week in Quarter 3 – we have almost made it through this year, and with some truly incredible musical feats being accomplished. I am very proud to be your teacher and so grateful to be making music with you each week. Let’s keep moving forward and show how much you have grown as musicians over this past year – it’s time to keep working hard and celebrate your success! BRING ON QUARTER 4!!!!


HERE IS THE NEW MUSIC TIMETABLE FOR QUARTER 4, which starts THIS WEEK on APRIL 20 (the 19th is a CC Day), CLICK HERE———————> Updated Q2 Reynolds Music Schedule 2020-2021 for Students



CHAMBER CHOIR IS TUES 7:30-8:30AM and WED 3-4:00PM


STRINGS WILL BE TWICE A WEEK ON MONDAY 7:30-8:30AM and THURSDAY LUNCH 11:30-12:15. Please be on time and prepared for your classes – plan ahead and make it happen! Always talk to us if you need to miss or have an issue. And as always if you are sick DO NOT COME TO CLASS.


As I am sure you are all aware COVID-19 cases and exposures are the highest they have been in quite some time on Vancouver Island. We have done a great job with safety in our school and I implore everyone to not let up now, we must be vigilant during this time. This means remembering to social distance properly in our school and in our community, you must wear a fully covering mask at all times at school and wash and sanitize your hands as much as possible. We can do this! Your safety is our #1 priority, so please follow the rules and we will be fine.



This week’s schedule:

Monday, April 19 (this is a CC DAY, no regular school or classes – finish your work for Q3)


1:00-3:00 Senior Vocal Jazz, in the Band Room with FULL Rhythm Section (RS in at 2PM). We will be looking at our new charts and splitting up to do some sectional work and learn parts. Please have a water bottle, your music and a pencil. I am looking forward to getting a lot learned tomorrow!
VJ SINGERS, PLEASE DO SOME PRACTICE AND REVIEW BEFORE TOMORROW, here is a link to listening and practice tracks:

Tuesday, April 20

7:30-8:30AM CHAMBER CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM – BE ON TIME WITH A BLACK BINDER AND A PENCIL:) Looking at our new music and doing a lot of singing together, be ready!
11:30-12:15 SENIOR VOCAL JAZZ, in the BAND ROOM singers with Thomas. Please bring a lunch so you can eat quickly before we get into new music.
3:00-4:00PM CONCERT CHOIR, in the Band Room – Anyone not in our auditioned Chamber Choir will be in Concert Choir, please have your black choir binder and a pencil! Be on time and ready to start some new music together!

Wednesday, April 21

11:30-12:15 JUNIOR VOCAL JAZZ, please meet in the band room at LUNCH, please bring your lunch and we will start our new music!
3:00-4:15PM CHAMBER CHOIR, with Kay Kuang accompanist in the Band Room. I will go through your Chamber Choir contracts – get them signed and BE ON TIME with ALL of your music and a PENCIL.

Thursday, April 22

7:30-8:30AM CONCERT CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM – BE ON TIME WITH A BLACK BINDER AND A PENCIL:) Looking at our new music and doing a lot of singing together, be ready!
11:30-12:15PM STRINGS in the BAND ROOM, let’s work on our new music! Please be on time with your instruments ready to play! Let’s get some playing done after already missing out on a Monday rehearsal (darn CC Day!).
-Extra help available, please email to set up a time


Friday, April 23

-Extra help available, please email to set up a time


If you missed it, here are recordings from Junior Choir, Senior Choir and Strings from before break – you are sounding FANTASTIC, I am proud to be your teacher!!


As many of you may have heard, the Victoria School District budget cuts were released on Friday with some pretty devastating news for music programs around Victoria. They are proposing HUGE cuts to our Elementary and Middle School Music programs throughout Victoria in order to cover a 7 million dollar deficit. This is taking away musical opportunities for our kids and community and impacting jobs of incredible educators around Victoria. If you are in our program it is likely because you had a GREAT middle school program and teacher, if these are taken away pretty soon there won’t be kids in the high school programs either. The district is looking for feedback on what the community thinks is important for kids in school and we hope that if you or someone you know has been impacted by music that you will continue to email your thoughts to the SD61 Board.

Board members to email:

Board of Trustees

Jordan Watters –

Diane McNally –

Nicole Duncan –

Tom Ferris –

Angie Hentze –

Elaine Leonard –

Ryan Painter –

Rob Paynter –

Ann Whiteaker –

Superintendent of Schools: Shelley Green –

Associate Superintendent: Harold Caldwell –

Thank you to everyone (students, staff, admin, parents, community members) that have reached out, sent letters and are helping to take a stand to ensure music is not cut from our schools. We are so appreciative of your support – it is truly touching to see everyone rallying to support music programs in Victoria!


Have a great week, be kind, be safe:)
Ms. Kerr