Choir/Strings/VJ Updates for June 3-9

Choir/Strings/VJ Updates for June 3-9

Hello music students and families! Thank you for another great week in Reynolds Music, Mr. Davis and I are so proud of all of your performances over the past few weeks and your dedication to our music program. It has been a busy time and you are still creating beautiful music, showing up and honouring your commitments. We appreciate you all so much and can’t wait to share this music and all of your hard work with your family and friends at our upcoming concert celebrations! Keep working hard and attending our rehearsals as prepared as possible, we are nearly at the finish line. Practice, prepare, finish strong and have fun!

Upcoming Events:

Awards NightThursday, June 6, all Strings students are playing for this event and must arrive at 6pm in their uniform of all black. All of the information for this event can be found here:

Musical Theatre BBQ and Sister Act Viewing Party, Sunday June 9 from 3:30-7:30 at 4107 Longview Drive. Please see our Facebook page for details and to vote on your food of choice (so I know how much to buy). We will be watching the Sister Act DVD of our production and I will provide drinks, hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers. Please bring a side dish or something to share! I will be able to start selling DVD copies of our show by next week for $20. I hope that I see you all there – cast, crew, pit band and parent volunteers are all welcome to come celebrate another great year in musical theatre!

Choir and String End of Year Concert on June 12 at St. Dustan’s Church. Admission is by donation. There will be a dress rehearsal at the church after school on Tuesday, June 11, 3:30-6:30 and I will provide pizza and beverages. I need parent volunteers to help move risers to the church (if you have a truck) and music stands. Please email me at if you can help transport gear and help drive kids over to the church after school. Thank you in advance for your help, Reynolds parents are the best! All important info for Concert week can be found here

Jazz Evening, featuring Vocal Jazz and Senior Jazz Band – June 25 at 7pm at the Reynolds Theatre. This will be a short a sweet concert featuring our Vocal Jazz and Senior Jazz groups to round out the year. Please come and support these talented and hard working students – they have some fantastic music prepared for you!

Here is the Schedule for this Week:


3:25-4:45 Vocal Jazz, please come prepared to finish going through notes on Alone Together and be prepared to sing through My Romance and Poison Tree. I’ll be in early to set up the sound system:)


7:15-8:20 Concert Choir, this is our last week of rehearsals before our concert week. Come prepared and ready to run our set with piano accompaniment. Bring a pencil and be on time. Failure to attend will result in not taking part in our end of year concert. Let’s have fun and make great music this week! Percussionists will be added for Let the River Run!

11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz, if you are in the Jazz Band performance at Cedar Hill please go to Jazz Band rehearsal at lunch. Otherwise I will see the rest of you at lunch to rehearse:)

3:25-4:45 Chamber Choir, please ensure you come to class prepared with Goodnight Moon and Wandrers practiced BEFORE I see you at rehearsal. We will be running our full set and a quick review of our mass pieces – look over it so we can move quickly please. Looking forward to making great music with you!


7:15-8:20 Strings, we will run our awards night set and full versions of our Concert Selections. Please ensure you have practiced and made improvements on what we worked on last week – including tuning and dynamic contrast.

Lunch- possible sectional rehearsals for Choir students, be prepared for extra rehearsals if you do not come prepared. Rhythm players for Let the River Run will also rehearse.

3:25-4:45 Concert Choir, we will be running our set for the concert and cleaning any sections that may need extra rehearsal time. Everyone must be in attendance, let’s have fun and make great music!


7:15-8:20 Chamber Choir, we will be running our set and cleaning for next week’s concert. Please look over your music, do some memorization and know that I will begin warm ups right at 7:15am. It’s almost performance day, let’s do this!

11:17-12:12 Strings– we will run our concert set for next week and clean any sections that need extra work. Please be timely, we need to start rehearsal as soon as possible.

6pm Strings call time for Awards Night, please be in your uniform of all black and ready to play for 6:30 in the gym. Please see detailed information above, thank you for being a part of this event for our school!


Lunch and after school are possible call times for extra sectionals and practices. Be prepared to rehearse if extra rehearsal time is needed before next week. I will post all extra rehearsals here and on fb and Instagram.

Extra help is also available if requested.


RMPA Social for any interested parents at the Monkey Tree at 7pm. Come out and celebrate with all of the other fabulous music parents for some Music Bingo! Thank you for all of you help this year, we can’t do what we do without the support of fantastic parents!


Musical Theatre BBQ from 3:30-7:30 at 4107 Longview Drive. Please bring something an item to share with the group and we will start cooking around 4 or 4:30. We hope all of the cast, crew, pit band and musical theatre parent volunteers can come and join us and watch the PREMIERE of Sister Act! Thank you for an awesome year!!


Phew…I think that’s it! A busy end of the year in the music program, let’s finish strong and perform your absolute best! We are so proud of this program and our fantastic students, let’s do this!

Ms. Kerr