CHOIR/STRINGS/VJ Updates for May 10-14

CHOIR/STRINGS/VJ Updates for May 10-14

Hello all,

Thank you for great rehearsals last week and for getting some filming done to advocate for Choir and Strings in SD61 schools! Please read below for more information!

Well done to Mr. Davis and all the Bands on a fantastic Mother’s Day Concert – you all sounded fantastic and I am so proud of each one of you for continuing on a 40 year tradition, even in a pandemic! Excellent playing, professionalism and FUN – I am proud to be a Music teacher at Reynolds – you kids are truly THE BEST! <3

CHOIR/STRINGS and some BAND is still on the chopping block for middle school programs – we need your help to let trustees know that this is not what is best for students. Not only is it not ideal for a complete and inclusive music education/ musical opportunities but it will result in smaller numbers in High School programs eventually as well. High school programs run based on enrolment and small numbers means cuts to what we can do in high schools and allocated funding. This is a community with a rich history of music education in schools – music is for EVERY child. If you support music programs within this district, please join the advocacy campaign that is being spearheaded by our Music Parents. Thank you for all of your continued support of our kids and our program.

If any PARENTS/STUDENTS/COMMUNITY MEMBERS would like more info on how to help with advocacy for music in SD61 schools please email MUSIC PARENT ADVOCATES at to stay up to date with events that are happening over the next few days/weeks! We so appreciate everyone that is fighting to keep music in schools and support these wonderful programs. 


HERE IS THE UPDATED REHEARSAL SCHEDULE FOR TERM 4 —> Updated Q2 Reynolds Music Schedule 2020-2021 for Students

This week’s schedule:

Monday, May 10

7:30-8:30am STRINGS, in the Band Room. BAND 9 STUDENTS PLEASE GO TO STRINGS. This is our new schedule for the rest of the year – remember your instrument and music and let’s get back into the swing of things:)

3:00-4:15 SENIOR VOCAL JAZZ, in the Band Room with Singers and Thomas. Please have a water bottle, your music and a pencil. Please practice Charade and have a listen to the practice tracks for the end of Poinciana. We will do sectional work on Please Be Kind and Both Sides Now as well.
VJ SINGERS, PLEASE DO SOME PRACTICE AND REVIEW BEFORE TOMORROW, here is a link to listening and practice tracks:

Tuesday, May 11

7:30-8:30AM CHAMBER CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM – BE ON TIME WITH A BLACK BINDER AND A PENCIL:) Looking at our new music and doing a lot of singing together, be ready!
11:30-12:15 SENIOR VOCAL JAZZ, in the BAND ROOM singers with Thomas. Please bring a lunch so you can eat quickly before we get into new music.
3:00-4:00PM CONCERT CHOIR, in the Band Room – Anyone not in our auditioned Chamber Choir will be in Concert Choir, please have your black choir binder and a pencil! Be on time and ready to sing! Any soloists for “Yesterday” can try out today!

Wednesday, May 12

11:30-12:15 JUNIOR VOCAL JAZZ, please meet in the band room at LUNCH, please bring your lunch and we will keep chipping away at your music! I WANT TO REHEARSE WITH RHYTHM SECTION ON FRIDAY AFTER SCHOOL!
3:00-4:15PM CHAMBER CHOIR,  in the Band Room. PLEASE BE ON TIME with ALL of your music and a PENCIL. We have some new sections to learn in Soul’s Been Anchored and Liebeslieder #16. Excellent Singing last week!

Thursday, May 13

7:30-8:30AM CONCERT CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM – BE ON TIME WITH A BLACK BINDER AND A PENCIL:) Looking at our new music and doing a lot of singing together, be ready!
11:30-12:15PM STRINGS in the BAND ROOM, let’s work on our music! Please be on time with your instruments ready to play! Let’s get some work done – everyone please remember to attend!!
-Extra help available, please email to set up a time


Friday, May 14

12:30-1:30 Junior Vocal Jazz rehearsal with rhythm section in the Band Room


Have a great week, be kind, be safe:)
Ms. Kerr