Choir/Strings/VJ Updates for May 17-20

Choir/Strings/VJ Updates for May 17-20

Thank you for a great week of music making last week – I can see some of you losing steam, we are nearly there so stay vigilant and work hard, it will be worth it!


Thank you to the students, staff, families and community members that came out to protest music cuts in SD61 – you are so appreciated, and no matter what happens we will continue to fight for music education for our kids!

Mr. Davis and I working really hard to make sure we have some great performance spaces for our end of the year concerts, these dates will be released tomorrow evening, so check social media or this website to know what’s coming up! Thank you for your patience, with COVID everything takes a bit more time to nail down, but we are trying to make the end of the year as safe and special as we can for all of you – you deserve it! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFO:



Watch Social Media,, and your email!

Year-end “performances” for band, choir, strings, jazz bands, vocal jazz, and marching band!

Hi Everyone,

Ms. Kerr and I are working hard to coordinate year end performances for all of our ensembles in June. Dates and times will be released on Monday evening once we confirm a few final details with the venues we’ve contacted and Reynolds administration.

Please anticipate that the performances will:

  • Occur outside of regular school hours.

  • Be hosted at SD61 facilities that can accommodate large groups.

  • Be 100% livestreamed in real time.

  • Be Recorded for publishing and later viewing on YouTube.

  • Include as many elements of our traditional year end concerts as possible.

(Due to current PHO guidance, there will be no families allowed in the audience.)

More to follow tomorrow!

Mr. Davis & Ms. Kerr



This week’s schedule:

Monday, May 17

7:30-8:30am STRINGS, in the Band Room. BAND 9 STUDENTS PLEASE GO TO BAND. This is our new schedule for the rest of the year – remember your instrument and music and let’s get back into the swing of things:)

3:00-4:30 SENIOR VOCAL JAZZ, in the Band Room with Singers and FULL RHYTHM SECTION. Please have a water bottle, your music and a pencil. Please practice Charade, the end of Quiet Nights and have a listen to the practice tracks for the end of Poinciana. We will do sectional work on Please Be Kind and Both Sides Now as well.
VJ SINGERS, PLEASE DO SOME PRACTICE AND REVIEW BEFORE TOMORROW, here is a link to listening and practice tracks:

Tuesday, May 18

7:30-8:30AM CHAMBER CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM – BE ON TIME WITH A BLACK BINDER AND A PENCIL:) Looking at learning the ending of a few pieces, MAKE SURE YOU PRACTICE ‘SOUL’S BEEN ANCHORED’!
11:30-12:15 SENIOR VOCAL JAZZ, in the BAND ROOM singers with Thomas. Please bring a lunch so you can eat quickly before we get into new sections of our music.
3:00-4:00PM CONCERT CHOIR, in the Band RoomBe on time and ready to sing! Any soloists for “Yesterday” can try out today, we will also have instrumentalists for Modimo and Riversong join us!

Wednesday, May 19

11:30-12:15 JUNIOR VOCAL JAZZ, please meet in the band room at LUNCH, please bring your lunch and we will keep chipping away at your music! THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK ON FRIDAY!
3:00-4:15PM CHAMBER CHOIR,  in the Band Room. PLEASE BE ON TIME with ALL of your music and a PENCIL. We have some new sections to learn in Soul’s Been Anchored and Dara la Notte. Excellent Singing last week!

Thursday, May 20

7:30-8:30AM CONCERT CHOIR, in the BAND ROOM – BE ON TIME WITH A BLACK BINDER AND A PENCIL:) Looking at our  music and doing a lot of singing together, be ready and be ON TIME!
11:30-12:15PM STRINGS in the BAND ROOM. Please be on time with your instruments ready to play! Let’s get some work done – everyone please remember to attend!!
-Extra help available, please email to set up a time


Friday, May 21

PRO D DAY, NO STUDENTS AT SCHOOL – PLEASE DO SOME PRACTICE OVER THE LONG WEEKEND!!! You have Monday off for Victoria Day as well, you must take your music/instruments HOME and PRACTICE!


Have a great week, be kind, be safe:)
Ms. Kerr