Choral Collaboration Info and Forms

Choral Collaboration Info and Forms

If you missed them last week, please turn this form in next Tuesday with $5 at the latest or email me with parental permission. Thanks, it’s gonna be fun!

Trip permission form

Reynolds Junior and Senior Choir

Choral Collaboration Event

Hello Choir Families, Happy 2019! 

Our Choirs have been invited to a very fun event on Saturday, February 23th at Belmont Secondary with Ensemble Laude. We will be performing for and with several choirs from around the Victoria and Sooke Schools Districts. Both Junior and Senior Choir will be performing their own selections as well as singing a treble and lower voice mass piece with all of the singers present at this event. Needless to say it will be a great opportunity for our students! No uniforms are needed as it is a casual and fun event for our students!

The choirs will receive choral workshops from Elizabeth MacIsaac (Ensemble Laude director) and Steven Price (Oak Bay Choral Director) and will be singing in Belmont’s beautiful learning commons overlooking the lake. This will be a more casual festival with focus on sharing of music and making a musical connection between students from around Victoria. This will be a small venue, so there will not be a formal performance where we can invite an audience, but we will be sure to perform these pieces at our next Choir Concert for friends and family!

I will be booking a school bus to leave from Reynolds, so students will need to be picked up and dropped off at our school. To help pay for costs of transport fees I am asking that each student bring $5 to attend this event (what a deal!) Please have students bring the permission slip and money back to me by February 14. Cheques are made out to Reynolds Secondary. We will need a few parent drivers as well, please let me know if you can help.

Itinerary for Feb 23:

8:15am Meet at Reynolds

8:30am depart Reynolds on the bus

9:00 am We open in the LC. BSS Elder – learning First Nations piece

9:30 am Split to theatre/LC for SSA/TTBB mass rep workshops with Elizabeth and Steven. 

10:15 am Mini break. Clinicians switch groups

10:30 am SSA/TTBB mass rep workshops with Elizabeth and Steven. 

11:30 am TTB/SSA perform for each other. Conducted by Elizabeth and Steven.

12:00 pm Lunch

12:45 pm Our groups perform for one another

2:00 pm Ensemble Laude performs 

3:00 pm Head back to Reynolds for 3:30 pick up