CONCERT CHOIR- Updates for May 26

CONCERT CHOIR- Updates for May 26

Hello all,
A bunch of info headed your way on here...just know if you feel overwhelmed or need help, all you have to do is ask. I can be somewhat flexible on assignment due dates if you need it. But get it done as soon as you can so I can mark it and give you a grade for completing these assignments. I will make things as simple and stress free as possible, but ultimately you still have to get the work done. Stay in communication and you will do just fine.

Concert Choir:

Assigned Voicings: *If I missed someone or you wanted to do Chamber Choir please email me ASAP*
Soprano: Aria Gates-Smith, Hanna Scott, Reece Young, Myrah Dwyer, Lily Griffore, Keelin McNeil, Ainsley Wong, Olivia Gardner, Tori Goss, Ella Hunt, Jada McCaffrey, Elecia Poy, Klara Willmetts
Alto: Judith Garcia, Annabelle Black, Ana Oppenheimer, Tamara Aerts, Venice Anderson, Sadie Atkinson-Munn, Madeleine Cross, Tatiana Lewis-Jay, Emily Waugh, Maddy Koski
Tenor: Daya Brown, Amelia Scholz, Justine Tudhope, J’Naya Rumsby, Lauren Daley, Madea Solberg, Erika Boutilier
Bass: Calder Wheatley, Sam Walmsley-Byrne, Quinn Dagenais, Darian Dumitrescu, Owen Andrews, Kai Aris, Elliott Walker, Thomas Andersen

CHOIR GRAD SONG: Grade 12’s ONLY, Choir Through the Years. This is PASS/FAIL, participate and you pass this assignment. More info to come on this, but this is what you voted on:)

PLEASE LOOK AT “YOUR SONG” ON PAGE 12 OF ROCKETMAN, you can find the music here: and enter ACCESS CODE LrKZvN2f9MI= (don’t forget the equals sign at the end of the code!) to view the SHEET music. PART SINGING WILL START  at m. 105, everything prior will be solos or small group singing. Focus on m.105-121 AGAIN this week please.

– A recording of Rocketman (“YOUR SONG”) can be found here:

“Your Song” Parts:

Soprano m 105-121:
Alto m 105-121:
Tenor m 105-121:
Bass m 105-121:
ALL m. 105-121:



1) Rocketman arr. Mac Huff – (Learn solos if you want one:)

– Please view the sheet music here: and enter ACCESS CODE LrKZvN2f9MI= (don’t forget the equals sign at the end of the code!) to view the SHEET music

– A recording can be found here:

Soprano part track m. 9-35 :

Alto part track m 9-35:

Tenor part Track m 9-35:

Bass Part track m. 9-35:

Solo Part track m 9-17:

All PARTS together m 9-35:

-Your goal by next week (June 3) is to learn Measure 30-35 of Rocketman (and look the solo too if you are interested:)




1) BCMEA Recording:


Every Choir student in GRADE 9, 10 and 11 will learn the BCMEA Concert Choir audition requirements for this term as outlined in the link below. You will follow the instructions on the outline BUT YOU WILL SUBMIT YOUR RECORDINGS TO ME. Please submit audio recordings or video recordings to me in google drive at

This is PASS/FAIL, so just get it done and you will do well:). It is not overly challenging, but will present an opportunity for me to hear you sing.  THIS WILL BE DUE ON MAY 15, 2020. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STATE STARTING PITCH OR THE KEY, JUST RECORD THE EXERCISE AND YOU ARE DONE. FOR WARM UPS SIMPLY SING AS HIGH AS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE AND THEN STOP.

BCMEA auditions link:

Exercise #1 Sing O Canada (here is an instrumental recording in Eb Major to help you practice):

Exercise #2 Chromatic Scale sung on “la” (please use the recordings below to help you practice):

Recording starting on A:
Recording starting on C:

Exercise #3 of the BCMEA audition requirements. If you need help figuring out starting notes OR keys please email me and I will be happy to help you out:) **NOTE, only go as high as you can while singing properly, I went fairly high for some of our high voice people, but do what YOU are able to**

Exercise #3 Choral Warm up on mee meh ma mo moo:


Any questions, please email me and hopefully we can chat soon as a music program:)
All the best with your studies, I miss you all!
Ms. Kerr