Here’s what happened at October’s RMPA meeting

Reynolds Music Parents Association had a big turnout attend the October meeting. It was wonderful to meet some new incoming grade 9 parents. A big thank you to our new secretary, Tara Nargang, for getting these minutes done and ready for you to read.


Oct 11, 2018: Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Tracy Byrne, Sherrie Hutchinson, Yvonne Blair, Laura Alcaraz-Sehn, Michelle Hoenisch, AnneMarie Gilbert, Cheryl Lawrence, Allison Bergman, Christine Wosilius, Kelly Edwards, Lisa Jones, Dave Anderson, Gus Mercer, John Walmsley, Duncan McLaran, Andrea deLange, Andrea Lauzon, Shannon Gustafson, Tara Nargang, Mel Ozard

Chaired by: Co-chairs, Sherrie and Tracy

Meeting commenced: 7:30 (later due to Parent-Teacher interviews)

Welcome and introductions: Roundtable introductions for new and returning parents. It was the most well-attended RMPA meeting in recent memory.

Chairs’ report – Tracy and Sherrie: Thank you to RMPA for organizing student efforts towards Cops for Cancer. Bottle drive raised $1530.00. Overall, Reynolds raised $35,651.00. Volunteer position available – selling coffee at concerts. Next step: Kelly will speak with Reynolds Dad who co-owns Level Ground to see if they are interested in providing coffee. This will determine the duties for new person.

Volunteer position available – Poinsettia Sales. Deadline is mid-November for ordering. Discussion about realities of past workload. Volunteers: Yvonne Blair, Andrea DeLange, Mel Ozard

Directors’ reports:

Mr. Davis:

Upcoming Schedule – Very busy with Remembrance Day at Saanich Municipal Hall (52nd appearance for Reynolds!) and Remembrance Day school assembly; 2 Vikes games in November; Full band concert now called Back In Action on Nov 6th; Movie night October 26. All upcoming events are on the Reynolds Music website.

Senior Tour – California – Mid March. A request has been sent in to SD61 for approval. So far, all USA requests have been okayed by the District.

Junior Tour – Calgary – Mid April. Suggestion was made that tour information/itinerary be sent out before deposit/payment information.

Ms. Kerr:

Comox trip forms and deposits are due (on website) Nov 16/17.

Musical Cast posted, rehearsals start on Monday Oct 15.

Upcoming Remembrance Day Assembly at the school will feature the whole choir.

Treasurer’s report – Andrea L.: Voted on at AGM (see attached)

Music Council – John Leslie attended for Astrid: Plans: Pancake Breakfast, Movie Night and Coffee night. Music Wear sales – Reminder that you can personalize clothing, including a suggestion for ‘Parent Roadies’ options. There is a need for more parents to help out. Tracy and Sherrie will meet with Jamie regarding this. Kelly volunteered to help in the evenings.

Uniforms – Shannon and Cheryl: Uniform days went very well, only 2 students still need to fitted. Out of a few things: black tux pants, almost out of ties, out of green sweaters in size S. Carol Band – 25 sets of toques and scarves. We need to increase laundry budget line as well as have a list on the website of what we can wash and what we can’t.

Fundraising: a. Grocery cards – Cheryl and Sherrie: Ready to go. b. Bake sales – Michelle: Andrea has done the posters, they are ready to put up. c. Hillside Night of Lights – Lisa: November 18. RMPA has been invited to staff coat check – need 3 people per shift (2 shifts). Possibility that volunteers will wear Reynolds sweaters. Coat check is a fundraiser for RMPA account. d. Purdy’s – Anne-Marie: There will be a few changes this year. 1. There won’t be paper orders – online only. 2. The parent of the child will do the ordering for other family members. Date of chocolate delivery to students is expected to be December 14. Will need volunteers to sort on December 11, 12, 13 and 14. The order cut off will be November 30. e. Christmas Tree Recycling – Gus: Information to come.

Student Accounts – Kelly: These are ready and up on the website.

Website – Andrea deL: Nothing to new to report, but there were a lot of well-deserved accolades to Andrea for doing such a good job.

PAC – John: Application for $9,000 for music program was submitted by Mr. Davis and Ms. Kerr. John is on the budget committee for the PAC – decides what to award to which programs.

Meeting adjourned: 8:45. Next Meeting is November 15 at 7 p.m.