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Student Accounts Totals

Updated Nov. 27, 2018

Reimbursement Form

Used when you’ve paid money out (and kept receipts) and you wish to be reimbursed from money within your fundraising account.

Transfer Form

Used to pay for items within the program- travel, workshops and uniforms.

Why is Fundraising so Important?

The Reynolds Music community is built on teamwork, participation and service to the community. Fundraising brings together all three. It also brings families in to the Reynolds Music community.

Fundraising puts much needed funds back into the music program- this benefits everyone.

Funds also go into individual music student accounts. Students can use money to support music-related activities (ex.: access to private lessons; concerts; travel opportunities related to performance; instrument accessories; music consumables – reeds, valve oil, etc.; music resources – sheet music, CDs, method books, etc.).

If you would like more information contact: rmpa

What Do the RMPA Fundraise For? See Our Budget for 2018/19

How Does Fundraising Work?

Fundraising activities are organized by the Reynolds Music Parents’ Association (RMPA) in cooperation with music educators.

Student Accounts

• each student has an individual music student account

• individual accounts may build to future years (i.e., students may “save up” for senior band trips)

• all monies raised will be divided by percentage, with 50% being allocated to individual students and 50% being allocated to the band program in general

• Money from an individual student account may be used to offset travel costs for band trips, for instrument rental or purchase, or for other music-related expenses (ex.: access to private music lessons; concerts; individual travel opportunities related to performance; instrument accessories; music consumables –reeds, valve oil, etc.; music resources – sheet music, CDs, method books, etc.)

  • REIMBURSED money can be accessed from a student account – all potential expenditures must be approved by educators, and reimbursement will be paid out upon submission of an original receipt and the student account access form to the educators.
  • TRANSFERED funds within the system can be used to offset travel with the band, uniform costs or workshops. A account access form must be filled out and submitted.

• if a student leaves the program (i.e., moves to another school or graduates), and still has money in his/her individual account, the parents/guardians may request that the remaining funds be transferred to a current or upcoming sibling who is a band member; this request must be made in writing by May 31 of the year that the student leaves the program

• any money remaining in an individual student account and which is not transferred to another band student by written request will revert to the Reynolds Music Parent general account by June 30 of the current school year

• 50% of profits earned at group fundraisers (such as Tree Recycling) will be divided equally among the participating students, while the remaining 50% will be placed in the Reynolds Music Parent general account; (note: students who participate in more than one shift of a fundraiser will be counted as the corresponding multiple for the purpose of dividing the profits – 2 shifts =2 times the individual portion of the profits)

• in the case of sales-based fundraisers (such as chocolate sales), 50% of a student’s sales profits will be placed directly into his/her individual account, while the remaining 50% will be placed in the Reynolds Music Parent general account; • parental involvement in fundraising activities is a critical piece; however, family participation in a fundraising event does not count toward students being given extra credit in terms of fundraising totals;

• the Reynolds Music Parent Executive will create spreadsheets of participation and total dollar figures in each student account, and this information will be posted on this website

• all monies will flow through the Reynolds Secondary School office as per SD #61 requirements; however, management and tracking of students accounts will be maintained by the Reynolds Music Parents Association.

What Student Participation in Fundraising is Expected?

Fundraising participation requirements:

  1. each music student MUST participate in a minimum of TWO fundraising activities per semester
  2. students are responsible for signing up for various fundraisers
  3. attendance will be monitored to ensure fair dispersal of funds
  4. all fundraisers are limited to one shift for each student to ensure fair access for all students. Occasionally, there may be the chance to pick up unclaimed shifts shortly before the event.