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Reynolds Uniforms

Parent Volunteer Contact: Cheryl McKinnon

The uniform inventory is maintained and managed by volunteers with the RMPA (Reynolds Music Parents Association)

The uniforms pieces that must be rented (see below) are rented for 2 year periods:

The grade 9 and 10 years

The grade 11 and 12 years

This means you only have to rent and return  the uniform pieces every 2 years.


You are responsible for maintaining the uniform for the duration of the rental.Please wash the pieces you own.

Do not wash any of the rented attire (blazer, sweaters, vests, scarves).

  • Those items will be collected and cleaned at the end of the year in June.
  • If you need to clean them during the year, please take them to a dry cleaner.
  • This will ensure we do not damage any expensive uniform pieces.

If there is a maintenance issue with a rental item, please contact the RMPA uniform coordinator,  Cheryl McKinnon

Thank you for your support in maintaining the excellent appearance of our bands.


  1. green sweater
  2. blue blazer
  3. Jr. Jazz sweater vest
  4. black dress shirt & tux pants
  5. blue satin scarf
  6. blue vest

All of above are rented from the Reynolds Music Parents Association.

These items are to be returned after the 2 year rental period.

  • Rental Fees: These items are rented for a small non-refundable rental fee (see table for amounts) that covers repair, cleaning or replacement of uniforms at the end of the student’s participation in a program.

All rental fees must be paid at time of uniform issue.

  • Damage Deposit: The damage deposit fee covers replacement costs of rental items that are not returned.

Please provide a cheque, postdated to June 30, 2020 to cover the damage deposit. (see examples below)

Post-dated cheques will be destroyed once uniforms are returned in good condition at the end of the 2 year rental period.


  1. white shoes
  2. white pants
  3. blue satin tie
  4. choir folder

The above must be purchased from the Reynolds Music Parents Association.

These items become the property of the student and are kept by the music student for the duration of their time in the music program. They can be purchased from the school during Reynolds Music uniform distribution days.


The white dress shirts, white socks, and black choir uniform tops and bottoms may be purchased by students at any department store.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Students at Reynolds Secondary School cannot be denied a uniform because of an inability to pay. Please contact the Directors to arrange a solution if finances are an issue. Your privacy will be respected.

download the 2 year rental & sales agreement

See how to write your cheques (don’t forget the damage deposit will be June 30, 2020 this year)

download the media consent form