Itinerary and Travel Info for Jr Tour

Itinerary and Travel Info for Jr Tour

Important Junior Band & Choir Tour Updates:

Important Documents: Please make sure you have a copy of the revised itinerary, and parent info/travel information. Please make note of the call times.

Please download a REVISED ITINERARY here (correcting a timing error).

**Students, please pick up a hard copy (yellow paper) in the Band Room on Monday.**


Forms & Final Payments: Thank you to everyone that turned in final payments and forms last week. It is greatly appreciated! Monday is the final day to turn in payments and forms. Students will not be permitted to travel without these items. Thank you!

Tour Band Rehearsals: There will be three Junior Tour Band rehearsals this week (Tuesday Lunch, Wednesday Lunch, Thursday at 7:15am). It is essential that you attend these rehearsals AND practice your tour music every night. Absences will jeopardize your spot on the bus. We will also review trip procedures, attendance lists, etc. during these times as well. Bring your lunch and be ready to work!

Loading Crew: Thank you to those students that have volunteered to be on loading crew for this tour. Loading Crew will meet on Friday afternoon at 3:15pm to pack and prepare cases for tour.

Have a great trip! I am looking forward to traveling with you! Please let me know if you have any questions.