Ms.Kerr’s Update

Ms.Kerr’s Update

AND WE ARE BACK (well technically we are not back from tour until around 7pm tomorrow night)! Senior Tour Choir students, thank you for an awesome trip!! Here is what this week looks like:

7:15am Junior Choir
11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz
3:20-3:30 Chamber Choir quick meeting and new music!

7:15 Strings
3:25-4:45 Junior Tour Choir

7:15 Chamber Choir
3:20 Orchestra meeting with anyone who is interested in joining

Starting next week (April 8 until end of the year)

Tuesday 7:15-8:20 and Wednesday 3:25-4:45 will be Concert Choir (any choir student not in Chamber Choir-we will be doing several songs all together, so you will still sing with your pals- don’t worry!)

Tuesday 3:25-4:45 and Thursday 7:15-8:20 Chamber Choir-all rehearsals mandatory, get ready!

Both Concert Choir and Chamber Choir will have AMAZING music this term! I am so excited to share it with you! End of year concert is June 12 at St. Dunstans Church.

Let’s do this!!