Music Department PARODY CONTEST

Music Department PARODY CONTEST

Hello all!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this time of self isolation and quarantine. I have been experimenting with a lot of new apps and trying to find some fun outlets to create music together without an insane amount of leg work.

So we present to you THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT PARODY CONTEST (detailed¬†assignment on a link below).¬† Please see a short example on my instagram feed where I perform a parody on Into the Unknown. Mr. Davis and myself will also be making a submission together, but we challenge you to one up us! If you don’t want to sing or play then just send in lyrics or memes around the theme Quarantine Life. We will pick a top 5 to share with everyone (or more if there are a lot of good ones) and the winners will get a special message from us. The object of this is to have FUN, be CREATIVE and make connections with our music family again. Put some time into this, team up (not face to face) and use this as an outlet to be creative and learn to use some new tech too!

CLICK ON THIS to open a detailed assignment description —–> Parody Project

Have fun, stay safe, we miss you.

Ms. Kerr and Mr. Davis