October 7 Choir/Strings/Musical Theatre Updates

October 7 Choir/Strings/Musical Theatre Updates

Hello everyone!!

Thanks you again to everyone that donated and volunteered to be involve in some way with Reynolds Music Goes Blue for the Cops For Cancer Campaign!! Mr. Davis and I are enjoying our new blue hairdos and we are incredibly proud of each one of you that contributed to the cause, you raised over $13,000 as a music department which is OUTSTANDING! Thank you so much for showing what it means to be a roadrunner and for making a difference to help those affected by cancer. Thank you Serena and Music Council for dyeing kids hair on Friday, you are all amazing and appreciated!

Apple Pie Fundraiser is coming up! Please be pre selling Apple Pies all this week and submit your orders by Friday at 2 pm. All the info can be found here: https://reynoldsmusic.ca/the-great-apple-pie-event/  This is a great opportunity to make some money for future trips! A reminder that we make the pies here at the school and if you are selling them, then you have to volunteer time to help make the pies too! Shifts for both parents and students will be posted soon, please come out to support this fun and delicious fundraiser!

Choir Practice and Listening tracks are up! Please use this link to help you practice at home or on the go: https://reynoldsmusic.ca/choir-senior-and-junior-listening-tracks/ Folders are on their way, you CAN take music home as long as you bring it back!:) Our first performance is a month away, so put some practice time in please:)

Senior Choir/Band Tour to Hawaii is a go!! If you forgot forms or payment on Friday please hand it in on Monday to the Blue Box! Looking forward to surfing the big waves (how hard can it be) and making great music with you all!

Here are your updates for the week:

Monday October 7 

11:17-12:12 Senior Vocal Jazz in Annex C. Bring your lunch and we will look at some new music for this term! I am looking forward to a great year of jazz! Please bring in your Real Group Concert Money of $34 in an envelope with your name on it. I have already ordered tickets for you, so I need to deposit money this week. I have also put practice and listening tracks for you here: https://reynoldsmusic.ca/vocal-jazz-practice-listening-tracks/

3:25-5:00 Musical Theatre, Please hand in your Musical Contract Agreements, they were due on Thursday. You can find extra copies here: https://reynoldsmusic.ca/musical-contract/ 

We will be reviewing the dance number form Thursday with everyone and I will be taking everyone to learn the end of Sweet and Lowdown while Tea takes some scenes to work on in the theatre.

Tuesday October 8

7:15-8:20am Junior Choir in Annex C, please be there on time and we will work through some of our new music, great sound so far! Please start reinforcing what we go over in personal practice time:)

11:17-12:12 Senior Vocal Jazz in Annex C, let’s get to work on some new music, again bring in your Real Group money of $34.

3:25-4:30 Senior Choir in Annex C, We will be doing sectional work today, please ensure you do not miss as this will cover a lot of notes and rhythms so we can move faster in class and develop our ensemble sound. This will be a short rehearsal day as I have to attend part of the staff meeting this month.

Wednesday October 9

7:15-8:20am Strings in the Theatre, working in our new seating arrangement and looking at new music. Please be on time and try to come early if your tend to have tuning issues with your instrument.

3:25-4:45 Junior Choir, let’s look through some more music and work on some new ear training exercises! We will work in small sectionals together, please ensure you can stay the entire class period. Late and absences are now going to start affecting your overall grade, so do your part to organize and ensure you communicate with me ahead of time.

Thursday October 10

7:15-8:20am Senior Choir, be on time and let’s sing through our pieces so far and make some musical choices together.

10:30-11:00 Bass Clinic in Room 143. REGULAR STRINGS CLASS IS CANCELLED DUE TO PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS- Sorry folks but we only have 30 minutes to eat and play due to the shortened day which is not enough time to rehearse. Anyone that needs tapes on their instrument please bring me your instrument and we will get it done for you during this time.

3:00-4:00 (timing may change due to parent teacher interviews, stay tuned) Musical Theatre, Hi folks, a bit of a different day thanks to parent teacher interviews. Just waiting to hear back from Kanika BUT I will have a dance session in the afternoon in the theatre for around an hour to an hour and a half. Stay tuned for what time you need to be there (we may be able to start at 2 if it works for Kanika. I will only need the following people: Maya, Andrea, the dance troupe, Arlo and those dance “guys” we selected last week of Annika NW, Alex, Naia, Millie, Laelia and Grace F. Everyone else will have a day off on this day as I can’t come in and split teaching because I will be doing Parent Teacher Interviews between 2-7:00pm.:)

Friday October 11

I will be in after lunch, let me know if you need extra help! Please remember that Monday is a holiday for Thanksgiving so Musical Theatre Students please ensure you put in some practice time over the weekend so we don’t fall behind.

Looking forward to a great week of music making, be kind to one another and WORK HARD:)

Ms. Kerr