Our Website has Undergone Some Changes

Our Website has Undergone Some Changes

Hello Reynolds Music,

Over the past month, I have made some significant changes to the Reynolds Music Website: www.reynoldsmusic.ca

The hope is that the changes will improve phone access because that is where most people are accessing our site.

How the site now works:

  1. The home page will have a picture header of the latest event. If clicked on the picture links to information about the event.
  2. The rest of the home page is picture links to every facet of the program. Click the picture and you will be take to the linked page.
  3. Often times the linked page will have further linked sections.
  4. To return to a previous page or the home page you can click on the breadcrumb trail on the header at the top of each page… OR use your reverse button.
  5. The page is a work in progress, so not all links may work. Let me know if you find one.

I’d love some feedback as to how this new format is working for you.

With thanks. Andrea deLange