ORDER DEADLINE: Monday November 26

ORDER PICK-UP: Friday December 7

Another fantastic fundraiser for Reynolds Music!  This fundraiser makes great gifts, and helps raise money for the music program and for your student’s account.

Purdys Fundraiser Instructions:

Please note that this year, the ordering process will be online only. All orders will need to be placed and paid for by Monday November 26. Order pick up will be on Friday December 7.

25% of the value of orders comes back to “us” – split equally between the student and the RMPA.

Instructions for Students: 
  1. Pick up your “Individual Launch Letter” and Purdys catalogue from the Band Room.
  2. Make copies of the “Individual Launch Letter” and give to anyone who is buying Purdys to support you.
  3. Inform people that all orders must be submitted online.
  4. Remind people of the order deadline (Monday November 26) about a week before the deadline. (We get busy and forget about these things!)
  5. Happy fundraising!
Instructions for Parents/Guardians: 
  1. When people want to fundraise for your child by ordering Purdys:Share the unique URL that you received for your child on the Launch letter. They use that to go to the Purdys website and fill in their info, and place their order.

That’s it!