Reynolds Band This Week: November 9 – 13

Reynolds Band This Week: November 9 – 13

Good evening!

I am experimenting with a new format for sending home “Band This Week.” Please download a PDF of this week’s plan below. 🙂 

Reynolds Band This Week can be found here: RBTW Nov. 9-13

***Please note that there are schedule changes and recording sessions listed. 🙂 

Recordings / Performances:

Thank you to our Grade 9 Band, Green Band (Band 10), and Blue Band for all of your hard work and for being ready and willing to record last week! I am working on having all of these videos available by the end of the week. 

Thanks for your patience as I collect and edit these videos. In most instances, the bands record in one take as if in a live concert. Bravo, folks! Senior and Intermediate Jazz Bands will be recorded this week. Check the PDF above.

End of Quarter 1 / “Requirements”:

THANK YOU to ALL of my band students! Your flexibility, kindness, and adaptability around EVERYTHING to do with school and music during this pandemic are incredible. This spring (lockdown) was literally the lowest point in my career and probably life, to be honest. Losing music and losing band is literally my worst nightmare. This fall, I am so thankful for my amazing kids and our supportive staff (our exceptional fine arts team – Ms. Kerr! Mr. Gray!, our admin and office staff, and so MANY kind adults in the building). We are back and I couldn’t be happier! It’s weird. It’s challenging. It’s exhausting. AND IT’S WORTH IT. 💚💙

***There are no playing “Requirements” (playing tests) for the band classes in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. Please contain your sadness and tears around this… HA! While we are working hard on technique and musicianship in classes, I do not want to add this component to your already full plates during a challenging school year. With that being said, regular attendance, home practice, in class effort/attitude, development/continuation of high music-making standards continue to be the keys to success in the Reynolds Band Program ***

Please FINISH STRONG in your academic areas and let me know if you need support this week. My door is always open. 

A plan for Q2 will be sent home later this week. 🙂

Re: Instagram / Social Media

A question has arisen about my use of social media for communicating schedule changes instead of creating a website post and emailing home etc. I try to inform families as soon as possible about schedule changes or a rehearsal cancellation, etc. Social Media is the fastest way for me to communicate these changes to students. Website posts unfortunately take time to create, format, post, and then distribute via email (for example, most of my “Sunday dissertations” take 2-3 hours to write and distribute).

I will continue to post website updates and email home every Sunday but I would encourage students and parents to follow the Reynolds Band on social media platforms listed below. All accounts are monitored. Occasionally I am funny. 


Reynolds Band Facebook Group:

Facebook (My teacher account ):

Twitter: Nobody wants this. I never check it and barely know how to use it. My tweets are literally “#taughtband.” @jddavissd61  (not a reliable source for “what’s up” in band)


With thanks and admiration for all that you do in our music department and at our school,

Jamie Davis

Band Director