It’s Time to “Scoop Some Poop” with the Reynolds Music Manure Sale!

It’s Time to “Scoop Some Poop” with the Reynolds Music Manure Sale!

The Reynolds Music Annual Manure Sale is a Stinkin’ Good Fundraiser… 
It’s up there with our Tree Recycling in terms of the money raised. And, like the tree recycling, it’s also a real community builder. You won’t believe the amount of fun you can have with a mountain of muck! Read on to learn how to participate.

The Manure Sale takes place on Saturday April 13 in the McKenzie Parking lot from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Student and adult volunteers are needed on that day from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Tasks include: shovelling manure into bags; loading full bags into buyers’ vehicles; holding signs and waving to people passing on McKenzie Ave; and tidying up.

Students can earn money for their music accounts in two ways: selling bags of manure to family, friends and community members in advance of the sale; and/or volunteering for a shift on the day of the sale.

For pre-sales: 

  1. Download and print the manure sale order form and use it to record the sales you make. You can access the form here: Manure-Sale-Order-Form-2019
  2. Be sure to tell your potential buyers that we sell only the highest quality steer manure!
  3. To help us know how much manure to order, please log your pre-sales using the online log sheet.
  4. Submit your pre-sale orders forms and payment (in cash/cheque) by Friday April 5th.

To participate on the day:

  1. Students and parents/family members should sign up for a shift on the volunteer sign-up sheet. (Note: Shifts are limited to one per student to give as many students as possible the chance to participate.)
  2. ++++ For the afternoon shifts ++++ Priority will be given during the afternoon shifts to those students who are participating in the morning event (Blue Band and Drumline) at Lakehill Little League.
  3. Turn up on the day for your shift, dressed in appropriate clothing and footwear. Bring a shovel if you have one. And don’t forget drinking water!
That’s right – my poop is extremely high quality!

As the saying goes, “Where’s there’s muck, there’s brass.”

So, get involved in this year’s Manure Sale and make some filthy lucre for your student account and the Reynolds Music Program!