RMPA Parent Volunteer Opportunities in 2019/20 (and Beyond…)

RMPA Parent Volunteer Opportunities in 2019/20 (and Beyond…)

Volunteer with the RMPA – meet people, build community, have fun!
The RMPA is a vital component of the Reynolds Music Program. We support our Music Directors and music students through a variety of fundraising and community building activities throughout the year.
Parent volunteers are crucial to this effort and, as some of our long-serving parents will be leaving Reynolds (along with their graduating children) at the end of this year, we are looking for new parents to take on the following roles:

Grocery Cards Coordinator: Would suit someone who is comfortable with Excel and has good numeracy skills. The role requires about 3 hours of effort per month. Duties include: checking grocery card numbers and entering them into the balance checker on the Thrifty’s website; updating Excel with the student balances; getting quarterly deposit slips to the RMPA Treasurer; and advertising the cards at Music Program events.

Media Person: Would suit someone with a background or interest in PR and promotions. Duties include: promoting the big fundraisers (Tree Recycling and Manure Sale) and the Musical with local media (radio, newspaper and TV). You will be provided with event info and press releases. This is a fairly low time commitment of approx. 5 – 10 hours per year.

There will also be opportunities next year for parents to shadow existing volunteers with a view to taking on the role in 2020/21:

Student Accounts Coordinator: The Student Accounts Coordinator is responsible for updating and maintaining student music account totals. A facility with math and Excel is useful for this role!

Website Design and Maintenance: Our website person is responsible for maintaining the Reynolds Music website, including posting the latest news/events, uploading event volunteer info and forms, and generally making the site attractive and informative for parents, families and students. Would suit someone with some website development skills or an interesting in gaining such skills.

Graphic Design: Our graphic design person takes on the task of creating posters and flyers for Music Program and RMPA events, including concerts, fundraisers and the Musical. A flair for art and design and some experience with graphic design software would be assets!

Tree Recycling Team: Responsible for organizing our annual Tree Recycling event – one of our biggest fundraisers. Basic organizational skills, a willingness to be out of doors in January, and a passion for community building are all assets!

If you are interested in any of these opportunities or would like some more information about one or more of the roles, please let RMPA co-chairs Tracy and Sherrie know by emailing: rmpaexec@gmail.com