The Reynolds Music Parents Association

The Reynolds Music Parents’ Auxiliary is comprised of Music parents; Music Directors and one student representative elected by the students (president of the Reynolds Music Council or designate).

The Music Parents Auxiliary supports the music program primarily through facilitating fundraisers to pay for portions of the program not funded by the School Board (such as uniforms, supplies, instruments, trip subsidies, music, awards and equipment). Fundraisers occur throughout the year and are designed to provide support for
students’ musical education.

Meetings are held monthly (see the calendar) and any Music Parent may attend. Items for the agenda may be left with the RMPA Exec or the Music Directors. Parent participation is welcomed and truly appreciated.

Reynolds Music Parents Volunteer Executive Positions

  • President or co-chairs: This position is oversees and ensures the smooth operation of the Reynolds Music Parents Association; chairs meetings and liaises with the Music Directors
  • Vice-President: Seen as a training position for smooth transition into future years President.
  • Treasurer: Handles all financial matters and reports monthly to the Executive. Compiles Annual Reports.
  • Student Accounts: compiles and reports all student account activity, reporting out monthly.
  • Secretary: Records, transcribes and reads minutes at meetings. Handles correspondence as required.
  • PAC Representative: Attends monthly Reynolds PAC meetings and reports to Music executive at monthly meetings (Must attend both PAC and Band Executive meetings each month)
  • Publicity: Provides public service communications (arranges for events advertising in local newspapers, etc.
  • Bake Sale: Chairs a committee which organizes volunteers and refreshments as required at all events.
  • Individual Fundraiser Parent Committees: organizes and support fundraisers.
  • Uniforms: Takes care of all matters pertaining to uniforms for Green Band, Blue Band, Junior and Senior Jazz Bands and Marching Band (issuing, replacing, repairing, accessories, etc.).
  • Website: produces the online content through the programs website
  • Members at Large: people willing to help on all endeavours and attend monthly meetings.
  • Music Student Representative: Elected by students