Senior Choir Homework:)

Senior Choir Homework:)


Spend 20 minutes on this (or more if you have missed multiple rehearsals) and you will be more prepared and confident, which is all that is missing. Have a sectional, be accountable for your section, take charge…you can do it! All of this is up to you, I have taught these things MULTIPLE TIMES, you have to choose if you want it to be exceptional. I have given you the tools, it is up to you how you want to perform it. PLEASE PUT IN THE TIME AND EFFORT, I know you have the potential to blow everyone away next week:) I have done my work, have you done yours?


Inn By the Edge of the WoodMEMORIZED, go over breath marks and any trouble spots (sopranos m. 30-33, altos m. 17)Tenors and Basses, entrance at m. 25

Making Christmas – MEMORIZED, you were great on this yesterday, just be confident on those page turns and sopranos double check notes on m. 21 and 22)

Who Has Seen the Wind: MEMORIZED, review the word differences and breath marks. Sing with purpose to your lines, know the strong words and think about musicality. Sopranos nice bright, forward tone.

I Sing Because I’m Happy – Keep being awesome at this one:)

NORTHERN LIGHTS – watch this video and practice along with it – it has ALL THE BREATHS THE WAY I WANT THEM. listen to the tone quality and match it. Sopranos work on bringing that placement forward and making it bright and pure. Any attempt to push or reach means you are NOT placing your sound correctly. If you can not do this with ease THEN DON’T SING THOSE PARTS.

NOTES FOR EVERYONE ON NORTHERN LIGHTS: If you don’t know it I will form a smaller chamber group of people that have put in the time and effort

  • Circle crescendo at m. 37 and write the word BUILD over measure 37-42.
  • Listen and practice transition  note from measure 45 to 46…know where you are going and BE CONFIDENT! Sops you go down a whole step, altos you either go down a whole step or half step, tenors tenors you either go down a third, top tenors a tritone (sorry).IT SHOULD BE A Bb MAJOR ROOT POSITION CHORD at C. Practice it until you can’t get it wrong:) You need to hear it in your head and BE CONFIDENT.
  • Make your S’s almost late on pulchra es amica, but you MUST put the s there!
  • m. 65 CIRCLE IT AND WRITE SLOWER RHYTHM SAME THING AT m. 67, sopranos you sing the same notes measure 65 and 67…it was wrong yesterday, fix it.

SOPRANOS: Write Confidence over measure 20 terribilis- KNOW YOUR NOTE. Watch the video link and listen to how they sing everything, copy it – NO CHEST VOICE SINGING- your voice will crack and sound screechy, it should be light and floaty

ALTOS: work on chant lines, adding shape to them- ebb and flow- WRITE IT IN SO YOU ARE REMINDED

TENORS: Measure  47, cut the last note slightly short so you can breath before pulchra es and get those notes and rhythms right. Also check your notes at m. 38-42…some suspect notes there…have it learned.


SEE YOU ON TIME ON THURSDAY Morning:) Good work folks, just a little more effort and you will be in great shape for your concert next week. I appreciate you and all of your hard work!

Ms. Kerr


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