Senior Tour: Final Itinerary, Packing List, Final Reminders, etc.

Senior Tour: Final Itinerary, Packing List, Final Reminders, etc.

Hi Senior Tour Families! 

It’s almost here! I am looking forward to our tour and hope you are too. Two documents are posted below. Please download and read them. 


Tour members: Save this PDF document to your phone or take a screenshot of each page so that you have a copy of the itinerary at all times. Parents: Phone numbers for our hotel stays are listed. The arrival timings for our hotel stays may vary a bit depending on traffic.

LOADING CREW: Thank you for packing up on Friday last week. We ARE going to meet at 3:15pm tomorrow (Friday, April 22) in the band room. We have a few more tasks to complete. It won’t take long – 45 minutes max! 

CALL TIME (SATURDAY): Loading crew needs to be at the school for 5:15am. All other tour members should arrive by 5:30am. Please place your luggage outside along the band room wall. Do not be late! We depart at 5:45am and cannot wait for stragglers. Remember: “On time means early.”

BAND INSTRUMENTS & MUSIC FOLDERS: Please place your instrument (AND mouthpiece, ligature, at least 3 working reeds, neckstrap, etc.) on the floor in the band room. Place your blue band folder and your black choir folder in the silver rolling trap case marked FOLDERS. Please ensure that your name and tour number are on your instrument case AND on your music folder. Music must be numbered and sorted as per the Music List that was distributed last week.

Please be musically prepared and organized. We have clinics on the first day of the trip 🙂


This document contains information/reminders for: Band Uniforms, a Packing List, Money, Chaperones, Border Crossing, Group Travel, Post-Trip Attendance expectations, and Emergency Contact information. 

Thanks everyone! Have a great trip! 

Jamie Davis