Strings Term 4 Playing Test

Strings Term 4 Playing Test

Hello Strings students,

I am missing our rehearsals right now and seeing you each week. I have posted playing assignments in Smart Music (that has been interesting to try and figure out) but I will also post it here in case Smart Music isn’t working for you or you are more comfortable just working with your own sheet music.

There will be a short bowing (crossing strings exercise) and m 103-end of Waltz of the wicked to learn for this terms playing test. You should have the music for that, but if not it can be found on Smart Music. I have included screen shots of the Crossing Strings exercise on the assignment sheet here => Strings Term 4

DUE DATE IS JUNE 12, 2020. Please get this finished and submitted either through Smart Music or email a recording to

Thank you for a fantastic year of music making, and I am sorry that we won’t be able to end the year off with the many performances we normally have planned during this term. I hope to see you again next year! If you need extra help, please book a time through the school sign ups to come and meet with me. I will post some extra music to work on for fun as well on Smart Music if you are looking for more music to play:)

I miss you all, take care:)

Ms. Kerr