Student Account Totals are Here

A big thank you to our Student Accounts Volunteer, Kelly Edwards for wrapping up our year end accounts.

Here are the totals: STUDENT ACCOUNTS

What should I do with my Student’s Music Account?

 If your student is continuing with the music program next year (band, choir or strings), you don’t need to do anything!  The funds will remain available the entire time they are at Reynolds.

If your student is graduating or does not intend to carry on with the music program (band, choir or strings) but has fundraising money sitting in their student music account, there are a number of options for you:

  • Transfer the funds to another sibling at Reynolds or one coming up from Middle School
  • Submit music related receipts to get reimbursed (ie music lessons, instrument rental…)
  • Request a reimbursement for in-program expenses (ie tours paid out-of-pocket)
  • Donate the funds to the RMPA to assist the program in the future

For any of these options, please fill out a music account request form:

* If you want to transfer funds to another family member, please use the form above, cross out reimbursement and add transfer, and include the student transfer information (or email me with the details!):

  • outgoing student name
  • outgoing student number
  • Incoming student name
  • Incoming student number (if available) or year student will arrive in Reynolds

Music account funds will be held for ONE YEAR after graduation unless other arrangements have been made.  After that, any unallocated funds will be donated to the RMPA and will no longer be available to the student or the family.

Please email me if you have any questions.


Kelly Edwards

RMPA Student Accounts Coordinator