The Great Apple Pie Event

The Great Apple Pie Event

The Reynolds Music Program is happy to offer a new fundraiser for the fall: homemade apple pies, assembled by our music students and their families. Our apple pies come put together and packaged by our music students, but uncooked.  This way customers are able to freeze and bake their pies at their convenience.

Pies will be assembled and packaged by our music families on Saturday October 19th at Reynolds Secondary School. This is a huge team building opportunity for our music family that will see students in all grades working together with their parents. 

Fundraising Profits & Student Accounts

Students will earn $1 or $2 for every pie that they sell (to be confirmed).

After expenses are deducted, remaining profits will be split between the RMPA and music student accounts as follows:

30% of profits will remain in the Reynolds Music Parents Association general accounts (sheet music, uniform, and instrument purchase).

70% of profits will be divided amongst the students and families that volunteer for pie-making shifts on Saturday, October 19th (these funds can be used for tour payments or to purchase instruments, reeds, private lesson, etc.)

Timeline Update:

Thank you for your patience as I have worked out the details of transferring this fundraiser from Spectrum Community School to Reynolds Secondary School. Please note that timelines have been adjusted and revised to support Reynolds’ C4C fundraising campaign. 

Pre-Sales & Ordering:

Download an order form HERE.

Students will pre-sell apple pies in our school community using the order form provided. The deadline for submitting order forms and payments is: Friday, October 11th – 2:00pm. Please submit forms and payments in an envelope with your name and “Apple Pies” clearly marked on the envelope. 

Reynolds Music Apple Pies are $12 each.

Cash Payments: cash payments must be taken at the time of order.

Cheque Payments: Please make any cheques payable to “Reynolds Secondary School.”

Online Orders/School Cash Online: Not available. 

Students – please be courteous and respectful sellers. This applies in the community and when selling to Reynolds staff members and former teachers. 

Please ensure that your order forms and any money collected is in a sealed envelope with your music student’s full name and amount collected clearly marked. Forms and payments must be turned in to the blue drop box in the band room. 

No late order forms will be accepted. Incomplete orders or orders without payment will be returned to students and those orders will not be filled.

Students/families are responsible for delivering all of the pies that they sell.

Pie Making Set-Up – Friday, October 18th

A set-up crew of students and parents is needed on Friday, October 18th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm to set up the pie making space (arrange tables/chairs, set up stations, sanitize all surfaces and materials, wash apples, pre-mix spices, cut butter into cubes and prepare in general).

Pie Making Day – Saturday, October 19th

We will need LOTS of student and parent help to assemble, package, and deliver pies.

Watch your email and social media for the online sign-up – ready this TUESDAY.

Shifts will be 3 hours in length, starting at 9am and finishing at 5:00pm. 

We will work in stations to: peel/slice/chop apples, mix ingredients, fill pie shells, bag and finalize pies (Quality Control!), and arrange pies for pick-up and delivery.

Pie Shells: We are NOT making our own pie shells. Pie shells are ordered through Sysco foods and just need to be thawed and filled with apple pie filling.  

What to bring: peelers, paring knives, cutting boards – labeled with your name on them.

Pie Deliveries:

Students are responsible for delivering all of the pies that they sold. We have no storage options at the school. Please make arrangements to deliver your pies immediately. 


We are in need of donations of apples to make this fundraiser profitable! ANY and ALL apples no matter what variety, size, colour, shape (hopefully they’re round-ish.. HAH!) are acceptable. Please contact Mr. Davis ( if you have donations or if you need a group of students to come and pick your trees (afternoons and after-school only).