wHAT you need to know


Travel is a proven and important component of the music education process.

Since 1967, Reynolds musicians have been excellent ambassadors to the communities, and locations they have visited.

Under normal circumstances, students involved with the music program will have at least four opportunities to travel throughout their time at Reynolds. COVID changed things but we are excited to be planning trips again this year.

Travel is optional, but it’s such a reward.

Music tours are an optional, extra-curricular extension of band, choir, and strings classes at Reynolds Secondary School.

Students who choose not to travel will still receive a balanced music education. Grades will not be affected should a student not travel.

    Travel is also a reward for hard work, dedication, and time spent in rehearsal, class, and performance situations (see attached list of performances).

    Tour dates are selected to minimize major conflicts with school events and student studies.

    Tours will be open to all music students and every effort will be made to incorporate a balance between:


    Through cultural/historical experiences in the various locations we visit (when applicable)

    And music education through attending university clinics & workshops as well as watching/listening to performance from various ensembles (multiple levels: community, other school groups, semi-professional, professional & multiple music genres)

    Performance Opportunities

    These could be:

    • performances at local schools (ideally those without music programs)
    • community concerts, benefit concerts, senior citizen homes, etc.
    • competitive festivals opportunities will be considered if applicable but will not be a major focus for longer tours

    Fun / Team-Building

    Students will continue to develop trusting, healthy relationships with each other and the Reynolds Music Directors while on tour

    These trips are rewards for the numerous rehearsals and performances given throughout the year


    Due to the many hours involved in planning and funding musical tours, travel will only take place under the following conditions:

    Ensembles will not travel unless the music directors’ performance standards are met.

    Ensembles will not travel if insufficient students are able to take part, or costs are prohibitive.

    Students with failing grades or poor citizenship (i.e. Truancy, suspension, etc.)  Are not eligible to travel.

    Students are responsible for all school work missed while on tour. 

    All Reynolds musical tours are fully structured and supervised.


    Travel cannot happen without the support of caring adults to serve as chaperones.

    Chaperones provide basic supervision and guidance to students, and, depending on individual skill sets, may contribute even more to the success of the tour (i.e., language translations, medical support, geographical guidance, etc…). A chaperone is a working individual – part of a supervisory team – and, as such, is on call 24 hours/day for the duration of the tour. In addition, a chaperone may be called upon prior to the tour to support the planning and preparatory activities required, or may be asked to accompany a student home should the school tour need to be shortened for any reason.

    The number of chaperones required on any music tour depends upon the minimum number required by school district policy and the general requirements of the tour itself. Chaperones are chosen by the Music Directors based upon the unique needs of each travel experience. It is not a given that volunteering with the Reynolds Music Parents’ Association will ensure one’s position on a music tour. Chaperone transportation and accommodation costs are covered by the students. As a tour cannot occur without chaperones, their travel costs are simply part of the tour budget. 

    Chaperone Selection

    Travel cannot happen without the support of caring adults to serve as chaperones. 

    Chaperone selection will be based on the following:

    First Priority:  Reynolds Music teachers and our travel planners (Bobbi Renton & Marilyn Miller) will be given first priority as chaperones.

    Second Priority: School Administration: a member of the school’s administration is requested to accompany us on each excursion.

    Third Priority: Reynolds Music Parents Association executive members, committee members, and members at large. 

    Fourth Priority: The general music parent population.