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All of these pieces are rented from the Reynolds Music Parents Association.

These items are to be returned after the 1 year rental period.

  • Rental Fees: These items are rented for a small non-refundable rental fee (see table for amounts) that covers repair, cleaning or replacement of uniforms at the end of the student’s participation in a program.

All rental fees must be paid at time of uniform issue.

  • Damage Deposit: The damage deposit fee covers replacement costs of rental items that are not returned.

Please provide a cheque, postdated to one year in the future to cover the damage deposit. (see examples below)

Post-dated cheques will be destroyed once uniforms are returned in good condition at the end of the 1 year rental period.

BLAZER- Grade 11/12 Bands, Marching, Drumline

GREEN SWEATER- Grade 9/10 Bands

CHOIR- any gender can choose to rent a scarf or buy a tie

SWEATER VEST- Grade 9/10 Jazz Bands

BLACK PANTS- Grade 11/12 Jazz Band

BLUE VEST- Grade 11/12 Jazz Band

COLOUR PARTY- and gender any year (option of white pants)