Updates for the Week of March 4

Updates for the Week of March 4

Thank you to all of my Musical Theatre students for an excellent week of tech and dress rehearsals last week, this is going to be a fantastic show! Monday March 4th is opening night for Sister Act and I can not wait for everyone to come and see how hard you have worked over these past few months! I am so proud of each and every one of you and now is the fun part of performing for an audience each night. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers that have come and worked tirelessly with our kids helping them prepare for the show, bringing food and helping with any costume fixes – you are so appreciated! And thank you to all of the parents who have supported their kids through the past few weeks with extra long rehearsals, we are almost at the finish line- I can’t wait for you to see what they have accomplished!

Due to the fact that we have shows even night this week there will be NO EARLY MORNING OR AFTER SCHOOL CHOIR/STRINGS/BAND this week. WE WILL have one Vocal Jazz rehearsal Tuesday at lunch. You are all still responsible for attending your regular school classes and tour rehearsals this week. If you are ill please email your teachers to notify them of your absence and stay caught up on your school work.


Sister Act shirts- thank you to Andrea De Lange for coordinating and designing our amazing Sister Act shirts this year, they are incredible! Due to high demand, we will be printing about 20 more shirts of various sizes if you would like to purchase one this week. See Andrea upstairs by the concession table at the show if you would like an order form, $20 per shirt.

Thank you to all of the staff, student and parent supporters of Musical Theatre! We are excited for you to come and see the show!

Sister Act, call time for cast/crew is 6pm every night. Please come having eaten dinner already with as much of your hair and makeup done as possible. If you are a student helping with ushering/ticket taking please wear your show shirt or all black. Look professional please.


Please ensure you are getting to sleep this week after our shows and taking care of yourself. Saturday after the show we will stick around the school and have pizza, snacks and pop/juice as a group, watch techies revenge as performed by the crew and celebrate together! I would expect to be here until about 12:30am…but students are free to be picked up earlier.

This is going to be a great week, let’s go out there and have fun celebrating all of your hard work! Break a leg!

Ms. Kerr