Updates & Reminders: RMPA Meeting Tours, Marching Band, JazzFest

Updates & Reminders: RMPA Meeting Tours, Marching Band, JazzFest

Hi Everyone! 

TWO days left to go! You’ve got this! I know you are tired but keep being the amazing and kind human beings that you are and finish strong! Hang in there!

Jamie Davis

***NEXT TUESDAY’S performance at The Ocean 98.5 is a GO! Thanks to everyone that has volunteered to perform! I will have more information for you as soon as I hear back from the organizers tomorrow. Stand by! :)***


1.) RMPA Reminders:

THURSDAY Meeting: The Reynolds Music Parents Association has their monthly meeting on Thursday night at 7:15pm in the school conference room. All music parents are welcome to attend! 

Manure Sale On Now: Please read the latest RMPA post for more information regarding our annual manure sale. Order forms and posters for the community are also available in the band room. 

Save The Date – May The 4th 2019: The Reynolds Music Program is teaming up with the Cedar Hill Music Program for a joint-fundraiser of galactic proportions… a 19+ Licensed DANCE with LIVE BAND (no… not the Cantina Band from Mos Eisley Space Port)! More details coming soon! Sincere thanks to our hard working dance committee members (Karin, Christie, Cheryl, Caroline, and Marilou) who are organizing this event for our music programs. May The 4th be with you!

2.) Marching Band Reminder:

Marching Band starts on Friday morning! We will start inside in the gym with some marching/movement basics, whistle signal review, and instrument/flag carrying position points. We WILL go outside for the second half of the rehearsal so make sure you bring a change of shoes/socks… gumboots… etc. 🙂

“Salute To The Colors” is starting to sound really good AND lots of you have it memorized already. Thank you! Keep practicing over Spring Break! 


3.) Senior Music Tour Reminders:

Uniforms: Thank you to everyone that has brought in their uniform bag so far! Again, please let me know if you have a uniform concern.

If you are participating in the Marching Band gig at The Ocean 98.5 next Tuesday, keep your uniform at home for now. Please bring a change of clothes to the gig AS WELL as your garment bag and a hanger. I will transport your uniforms back to Reynolds at the end of the gig. 🙂

Final Payments, Forms, & Travel Insurance: Please submit any outstanding payments, forms, notarized letters, passport copies, and travel insurance photocopies to the blue box in the band room by the end of the day on Friday. Thank you for help with this! 

Instrument Inventory: If you have not provided your instrument information (make and serial #), please write it down on the clipboard in my office by the end of the day on Friday. Your case must have your bus number and name on it, plus a Reynolds Band or Music sticker (see me if you don’t have one).

Remaining Tour Band Rehearsals & Home Practice: Thursday Lunch, Friday B-Block. PLEASE practice over the break! I will post listening tracks for you tomorrow. The music isn’t hard… but you will need to spend some time reviewing your parts over the next week.


4.) Junior Music Tour Update:

Hotel Room Sign-Up, Bus Sign-Up, and Loading Crew Sign-Up

STARTS ON THURSDAY at Lunch in the band room!

Hotel Rooms: Sign up to let us know who you will be rooming with on tour. For girls… there will be 10 rooms of four. For boys: there will be 4 rooms of four AND 3 rooms of three. 

Busses & Bus Numbers: Sign up to travel on one of the two busses. The number that you sign your name by becomes your bus number for attendance purposes. Please memorize that number!  

Loading Crew: Loading crew does a variety of things to help make the tour run smoothly. Major Loading Crew jobs include: prepping for tour before our departure, loading & offloading instruments/gear/suitcases, setting up and tearing down for concerts/clinics. There are perks! Loading Crew members get: first choice of seats on the busses, they are first-on and first-off the busses at scheduled stops.

Itinerary: The itinerary will be emailed out over Spring Break. 🙂

Final Payments, & Forms: 39 students have not submitted their travel forms yet. Please submit any outstanding payments as well as forms,  to the blue box in the band room by the end of the day on Friday. Thank you! 


I will also hand them out (…again) in classes.


4.) Volunteer Opportunities: Victoria Jazz Society/JazzFest

The TD Victoria International JazzFest runs June 21-30 and Victoria Jazz Society is looking for volunteers in several areas of the festival:

Instrument Petting Zoo (Students): JazzFest is looking for music students to help with this year’s Tom Lee Instrument Petting Zoo on June 22/23 and June 29/30. The petting zoo includes a Tom Lee employee supervising, and a high school student at different stations helping kids try out each instrument.

General Volunteers (Students & Adults): JazzFest is also in need of volunteers for Pre-Festival Poster/Program distribution, Artist Hospitality, Front of House, Merchandise Sales, Green Team, Beverage Concessions, Staging, Office, Transportation, Security, etc. There are perks! You get a super cool JazzFest T-Shirt AND  one FREE TICKET to a Marquee Series Show (offered to volunteers who have completed 3 x5-6 hour shifts).

Download an APPLICATION FORM here or pick one up from the band room!

Visit JAZZVICTORIA.CA for more details!