Victoria Day Parade – Updated Running Order

Hi All,

Please download and read the revised Parade Instructions for the Victoria Day Parade… it contains vital information for the parade on Monday.  

Victoria Day Parade 2019 Instructions

Marshalling Update: We are marshalled in Section E (entry #76) on Finlayson Street between Douglas Street and Burnside Road (up from the Denny’s on Douglas Street). This means we are towards the end of the parade. 

Remember to take home EVERYTHING that you need to be successful on Thursday afternoon Monday. This includes: any and all uniform pieces, instruments, drums, cymbals, flags, banner, sticks, and mallets. Make sure you have all accessories needed for your instrument: reeds, mouthpieces, sousaphone bits, etc. Do a thorough check before you leave on Thursday afternoon, please 🙂

Colour Party: your gloves and harnesses will be brought to the Sunday practice and to the parade. 

Uniforms: a reminder that all “whites” need to be washed and wrinkle-free, pants should have a crease ironed in the front, dress shirts should be a man’s dress shirt (no blouse-styles or knit-shirts etc.) socks need to be long white socks (no athletic socks etc.). Thank you to Cheryl, Laura, and Shannon for all of their help with uniforms for marching band! 

Weekend Practice: SUNDAY, May 19th at Mayfair Mall – 7pm – 8pm. Please arrive by 6:45pm. 🙂

Thank you to all of the parents who have signed up to help in the marshalling area. We appreciate it! 

Good luck and work hard! I am so proud of our band! 


Jamie Davis, Band Director