Vocal Jazz Project – Senior VJ

Vocal Jazz Project – Senior VJ

Hey Vocal Jazzers,

Here is the music we talked about online for God Only Knows. I’m working on part tracks which has taken more time than anticipated because I am learning new software and it docent always translate to what I want on iTunes (that was a fun 2 hours of “learning”.

Please ignore any chicken scratch on the music and perform as written. We can have a chat about specifics soon, but for now learn notes and rhythms of your part. I’ll upload tracks as I finish them. Should have them ready to go by tomorrow. I’ll see if I can get a better scan…but this works for now:)

I hope you are well, have fun learning this tune – it’s a fun one:) I miss you!

Soprano 1 part track:


Soprano 2 part track:


Alto Part track:

Tenor Part Track:

Baritone/Bass Part track:

All parts together: