Welcome Back – Updates for Jan 6-10

Welcome Back – Updates for Jan 6-10

Hello everyone and WELCOME BACK! I hope you all had a relaxing and much deserved Winter Break! Again I would like to extend a huge congratulations to all of the ensembles that performed at the Winter Concerts before break, I am so incredibly proud of your performances, there were so many exceptional musical moments within those concerts and I am so excited to start on new music and see where we can go from here. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, I am so very proud to be your teacher, let’s keep this greatness going – be on time, PRACTICE and attend and we will be unstoppable!

Thank you to everyone that volunteered and worked at our Christmas Tree Chipping fundraiser, the weather has been questionable this weekend so thank you for coming out and working hard! We have two more days of chipping next weekend, so tell everyone to drop off their trees to us!

And just like that we are back at it, with a lot of upcoming events! Please take note of important schedule changes for MUSICAL THEATRE and know that this is crazy crunch time, so be ready:)

Here is what we have coming up:

MUSICAL THEATRE SCHEDULE UPDATES: Rehearsals on Monday and Thursday will now go from 3:25-5:30pm, we will also be rehearsing EVERY SUNDAY in the Reynolds Theatre from 1-3:30pm starting January 12. Please check these updates and the Facebook page to stay on top of everything. I will schedule who I need for each day so PLEASE CHECK my updates or email me if you have questions. There is a lot to cover over these next few months, so work hard, do your part and come prepared. Everything we worked on before break is expected to have been practiced and polished, I’m moving on to new stuff:) MUSICAL THEATRE PARENTS, please come on Sunday’s to help out our costume team! We always need extra hands and it is a fun group to work with.


January 12 from 1-3:30 at Reynolds Theatre– Our First Sunday Rehearsal for MUSICAL THEATRE Students. Students should have their Silent Auctions nailed down and recorded on this Google doc (please fill out ALL info)https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rNB3XVtwoBkA-WhWTQCBUL8bTIqRON6P_qvq2HiM67k/edit?ts=5e0e9116#gid=0
MUSICAL THEATRE Silent Auction Burger and Beer Night on Sunday, January 26  from 4-8pm at the Monkey Tree Pub – this event is our ONLY fundraiser for the Musical Theatre Production. Please come and support these amazing students and bid on some fantastic items! Tickets are $20 (will include a burger-beef, chicken or veggie and a beer of your choice on tap) and will be available from Ms. Kerr and the Reynolds Office this week! This is a great night of fun, we hope you can join us!
Nice Work If You Can Get It tickets will be available next week, Jan 13 from Ms. Kerr or the Reynolds Office. $10 for students and $12 for everyone else! Don’t miss this year’s show. Cheques can be made out to Reynolds Secondary.
February 1st Vocal Jazz Festival at Oak Bay with Soundsation. This is an all day event again from 11:30AM-9PM, students should bring water and snacks and will be provided with dinner if they choose one of the options on the hand out. Info will be given out in class on Tuesday this week, students will receive a full clinic with Soundsation and have the opportunity to choose a specialized clinic of their choice with students from around Victoria. We did this last year and it was an incredible experience for our students. PLEASE ensure you can attend this event, it is outstanding!
Family Day Rehearsal for Musical Theatre from 12-6:00 (with possibility of going longer)

I will add more details as I get them, but please be prepared for these dates!

A lot coming up, please make sure you have these in your calendar and that you do NOT miss these important events and rehearsals.

Here is you schedule for this week:

Here is what we have coming up this week, I will NOT be having early morning rehearsals the first week back, but next week we are back to our regular schedule for Choir and Strings mornings:)

Monday, January 6

11:17-12:00 any Vocal Jazz students that can assist me setting up our sound system in the other side of the choir annex, please meet me in the Choir Annex at lunch:)

3:25-5:30 Musical Theatre, please note the extended time for our rehearsals:) Staging Fascinating Rhythm with the scene before (SHOULD BE MEMORIZED). And doing blocking for the number. S’Wonderful vocals with Nadia and Arlo. Staging Nice work If you Can Get It, Nadia and Arlo. Review of Vocals for Demon Rum and Delicious- have your parts ready and fix anything you have questions on, to be memorized in the next week. ALL ACT 1 SCENES ARE TO BE OFF BOOK, I will choose one at random:) Sam and Alexis, please run your number on stage today. ALL SILENT AUCTIONS ITEMS SHOULD BE SECURED, please bring them in and start selling at least two tickets to the auction, $20 each (cheques can be made out to Reynolds Secondary). Each students MUST sell at least 2 silent auction tickets.

Tuesday, January 7:


11:17-12:12 Vocal Jazz, meet in the Choir Annex at lunch and let’s do some work on festival music and pick some new charts:)

3:25-4:30 Senior Choir in the Choir Annex, let’s start some new charts and do some singing!

Wednesday, January 8:


3:25-4:30 Junior Choir in the Choir Annex, let’s start some new music and have some fun!

Thursday, January 9:


11:17-12:12 Strings in the Theatre at lunch. Let’s sight read some new music!

3:25-5:30 Musical Theatre, Demon Rum choreography with Kanika. And maybe some cleaning on Fascinating Rhythm. Vocals and staging Let’s Call the whole thing Off, Vocals Treat Me Rough. I will pick some scenes from Act 1 to perform memorized:) Vocals for I’ve Gotta Be There. GET YOUR SILENT AUCTION ITEMS IN, MARK IT IN THE GOOGLE DOC AND BUY YOUR SILENT AUCTION TICKETS (you must sell 2 at least).

Friday, January 10:

1:10-3:00 Crew, bringing down the staging for the pit band walkway from the dungeons. Start making mic path lists and planning lighting cues and sound cues. Sign up for stage craft to build the set and build larger props. Make a props list for the show.

Sunday, January 12:

1-3:30 Musical Theatre, please come through theatre side door and DO NOT open any other door in the school. We will be doing Choreography with Kanika on Demon Rum and running the scene prior with Alexis, Marcus and Dexter. Nadia and Arlo S’Wonderful choreo with Kanika. Do It Again Staging with Levi and Maya. Do, Do, Do Vocals with Sam, Levi and Arlo. GET YOUR SILENT AUCTION ITMES IN, FILL OUT THE GOOGLE DOC, AND BUY SILENT AUCTION TICKETS.

I’m looking forward to getting back to our rehearsals together! Let’s start the year off right by working hard and having fun! Strap in, this is going to be a busy start up! See you soon!

Ms. Kerr