Welcome Back Music BBQ and AGM is Sept. 11- 6 pm

The RMPA (Reynolds Music Parents Association) BBQ is set for September 11- 6 pm start.

This is the perfect event to come and learn about the music program. You will meet our ensemble educator, Katy Kerr and our band educator, Jamie Davis who will give  you an outline of their program and you will get to ask them questions. You will also meet current students and the student council. They will be great to ask questions of too! After the BBQ students can stay for a round of games with the council and parents are invited to stay for the kick-off meeting of the RMPA.

The sole job of the RMPA is to support the music program and its’ students. The job they do on behalf of everyone is imperative to the function of the program. Here you can find out more about them and see who will be heading up the different committees. There is no expectation for incoming parents to take roles on in the RMPA, but it is important for all incoming parents to see what parents fund and how much is required for them to budget. It is also a good chance to see how student fundraising accounts works.

The Reynolds Music Program educators, Ms. Kerr and Mr. Davis and the RMPA are looking forward to seeing you all on September 11.