We’re Back! Choir/String/Musical Theatre Updates for Jan 7

We’re Back! Choir/String/Musical Theatre Updates for Jan 7

Hello all,

And just like that, we are back to school! Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all enjoyed a well deserved break! Bravo for the wonderful concerts you gave on the last week of school, I thought each group sounded fantastic and it was a brilliant start to the year! Also a huge thank you to everyone that came and helped out with the Christmas Tree recycling fundraiser, it is so appreciated! Thanks especially to Scott and Gus for organizing the event and making it such a huge success!

With the break over, there are A LOT of important things coming up, so we will be starting all rehearsals right away this week getting back into the routine of morning and after school rehearsals!

CHOIR STUDENTS: Please be on time as we will be starting new music right away and moving through it quickly in order to get ready for upcoming events in February (Feb 7, Junior Choir Singing at Reynolds, Choral Collaboration at Belmont Feb 23 and Pink Shirt Day Feb 27).

MUSICAL THEATRE STUDENTS: We are back at it this week and this is the big push for musical theatre season. We will be rehearsing Monday and Thursday from 3:25-5:30 and on Sunday’s (starting Jan 13) from 1:30-4:00. Each week I will be posting schedules for our rehearsals so that students and parents are aware of what is to be prepared and if certain students are only needed for part of rehearsals –  please check reynoldsmusic.ca under Ms. Kerr’s blog for weekly updates. Sunday is the day that any parent volunteers are welcome to come and help out with costumes, props, anything you feel like you can help with! It is a lot of fun, no experience needed! We get a lot of fitting done on this day so it is a great time to come and help and see what we are up to!

IMPORTANT SILENT AUCTION PARENT MEETING THIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9 at 6PM in the Band Room- if you are able to attend this meeting and help with our Silent Auction Fundraiser please come to this meeting (we will keep it short), we can assign some small roles we need help with and get a team ready that can help out with organizing the event on the 27th. If you are interested but can’t attend the meeting please email me or Yvonne Blair and we will give you more information. The musical is a huge event within our school and we can not do it without parent involvement and support.
The Silent Auction is coming up on January 27. This year is a Burger and Beer night from 4-8pm at the Monkey Tree Pub. Come for dinner which is a choice of beef, veggie or chicken burger and an on tap beer (or house wine) and bid on some exceptional items from around our community. Tickets are available now from Ms. Kerr and are $20 each – every student is responsible for bringing in an auction item and to sell at least 2 tickets to any adult in their life (event is 19+). Please have your student collect money and bring it in as soon as possible to get the tickets to the Silent Auction – I need numbers for the pub. There are some exceptional auction items this year, show tickets to musicals, hotel stays and cabin rentals, gin tastings and distillery tours, movie passes, luxury gift baskets, BC ferry passes and much more! Plus it will be a fun night with dinner and fun provided!
Dates of note that ALL students must attend for Musical Theatre:
Wednesday, January 9 – 6pm meeting with musical parents that can help out with the Silent Auction – please let us know if you can come and help. This is our only fundraiser for the musical and we need a lot of help (and a lot of people to attend) to have it be a success.
Sunday, January 13 1:30-4:00 First Sunday rehearsal and will continue until the show begins
January 27 Silent Auction Fundraiser from 4-8 at the Monkey Tree (this is just for the adults), we will need a team of parents to come set up the auction items and help run the bidding times
January 28 Sitzprobe. with the Pit Band- sing through of ALL the music within the show
Monday, February 18 FAMILY DAY REHEARSAL from 12-5pm. This is something planned from the beginning of the year, everyone must be there.​
March 1 Dress rehearsal #1 Marathon Rehearsal, kids are fed Pizza and juice, 1:10 call, start at 2 pm, end approx 9:30 or 10 pm
March 2 Tech run day, crew in at 10am, cast and pit in for 12:30pm- full costume, lights, sound – will be dealing with any tech issues
March 3 Dress Rehearsal # 2 1:00 Call and start at 2pm (end approx 6 pm)
Shows March 4-9, 6pm call, doors open at 7 and show starts at 7:30 pm- tickets available from Ms. Kerr or from the Reynolds Office, $10 for adults and $9 for students.
Tickets will be available starting January 10 for the shows, get them soon if you want to ensure you get the date that works for you! You can buy them from Ms. Kerr or the Reynolds Office.
Musical Theatre Crew, we have the set pieces going up this week, so we will need a lot of hands to start moving set pieces down to the theatre over the next few weeks. If you have not signed up fo the class yet, make sure you do it THIS week or you will not get a grade for your work so far. Crew students are also expected to sell tickets and bring in an auction item for the Silent Auction, those need to be in by next week, so please do your part. Extra sheets available from Ms. Kerr or are located on this website!
Updates for the week:
No Vocal Jazz today, we will meet Tuesday at lunch this week!
Musical Theatre 3:25-5:30 – Everyone needs to be here and Act 1 is to be memorized. It’s go time! Please bring in your Silent Auction items to me this week and bring money for the tickets, they are $20 each and we need to sell tickets right away!
-3:30-3:55 Vocals with Nun ensemble, Alexis and Nuns for Here Within These Walls–with Ms. Kerr, 4-5:30 finishing Take Me To Heaven Reprise dance with Kanika
-Ensemble & Sam be practicing using your tracks for I Could Be That Guy and 4-5:00–working with Ms. Kerr, dance and music
-3:30-5:30 Scene work John, Alvar, Levi, Connor, Marcus scene 1 and 2 — with Tea and then running Find My Baby with music tracks and rehearsing dance
Junior Choir 7:15-8:20, please be on time, we have a lot of new music to learn for tour and upcoming concerts. I have a lot of cool music to share with you, I’m so excited!
Vocal Jazz 11:17-12:12– new music day, I am so excited to get started and we are going to discuss a possible retreat with Fifth Street again this year!
Senior Choir 3:25-4:45, new music to get started on, including our tour music and many more events!
Strings 7:15-8:20, new music and upcoming festival music and possibility of starting some Orchestral music as well! I’m so excited!
Junior Choir 3:25-4:45 New music and lots to do before exams, make sure you are there!
MUSICAL THEATRE SILENT AUCTION PARENT VOLUNTEER MEETING at 6pm in the band room, if you can help out please be there for a quick meeting!
Senior Choir 7:15-8:20, please be on time and ready to rehearse, we have a lot of music to learn!
Strings 11:17-12:12, rhythm work and sight reading day!
Musical Theatre 3:25-5:30, get those silent auction Items in!
3:25-4:15 Music rehearsal with Ms. Kerr and Joshua, everyone learning Spread the Love Around, I will pick a scene from Act 1 to run off book, everyone else watches
-Nun Ensemble will be looking at assigning lines for the dining scene with Tea
-Music rehearsal with Emily, Sarah and Maya for Take Me to Heaven and Fabulous Baby with Joshua and Ms. Kerr
Musical Theatre Crew 1:10-3:00, moving set pieces down to the theatre, painting and looking at set design with Ivy
Musical Theatre 1:30-4:00, any parents wanting to help with costumes please feel free to come in. Everyone needs to enter through the side door of the theatre
1:30- 2:30 Sarah, Emily and Maya learning Take Me to Heaven dance
1:30-2:45 Music with the Nun ensemble reviewing end of Raise Your Voice and Learning Take Me to Heaven Reprise vocals
2:30-4:00 Everyone will be Learning Spread the Love Around Dance with Kanika
That’s all for now, have a a great first week back and as usual, please let us know any conflicts that may come up!
Ms. Kerr